Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cloak and Daggering

The Jamaica Star paper ran an article about the crazy diving into spread legs craze known as Daggering. An islanders point of view that takes on the opinions of those abroad viewing it as "barbaric". While it's pretty crazy, the opinions I have read from Americans have been a little more than uninformed. A few sites claims Daggering is just a violent form of sex that is breaking Jamaican men's penises, a few a week! I could definitely see how diving off a stage to hump someone could result in an injury, but it's a dance, and it's been around for a while even. "Dem fi know seh a we job a do. Is jus' our way fi mek money but some a it a stunt. Nuff a wah gwaan nuh real. We rehearse it so we know how fi land and how fi hold the woman dem so dem don't get hurt. Sometimes the move will go wrong, like when Marvin knock out the girl," to quote Garth Sample from the article. Interesting thoughts on women in Dancehall as well.

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