Monday, July 20, 2009

Like the Sea, BASED

There are very few rappers I support that wear girl pants, but I find myself pretty perplexed by Lil B and his weird internet shenanigans. His 150+ Myspace pages with music about being both God and the Devil, and a blog about Nikola Tesla, slap beats and animal cruelty, this kid is out there. Sometimes he throws up some classic Bay Area joints, and he is quite fascinated by the instant thought powers of Twitter. He has received more pictures of girls in their underwear sporting his name in marker on their asses than any other rapper, but he'd rather get with Oprah. A strong interest in politics, aliens, and ecstasy is what drives this basket case to produce cosmic rant tracks distant from the teenage Hyphy school of Rap music.

The kids aren't alright


Boima said...

Hey Dave, I'm quite confused about Lil' B as well, and then I saw an interesting descriptive word that horrify's/interests me at CB Raps.

I fear the coming of the Swagtard.

Noz says it's an ATL thing?

Maybe I'm reaching but after experiencing the Go Dumb culture in Bay Area schools these past few years, this next step only makes sense. Plus all those drugs those kids were taking has got to have had some kind of effect.

Dave Quam said...

Yeah I'm actually confused if I even like the kids music, but needless to say his going dumb on the internet is pretty fun to try and follow, especially his blog which I just found out about. He's like the Hyphy Daniel Johnston, outsider Jerk? OK im gonna stop right there heh.

I saw that word on CB too, and I like Noz's use of "post-D4L" in it. No better way to describe this space between ATL and the Bay really, especially when you look at the New Kidz sampling "Scotty" on Your a Jerk (a song that recently really grew on me)

Could be a scary future ahead for the teenage rap kids. I am all for a lot of the music that has been created by possible swagtaration, but it's better to burn out than to thizz away, and I can't say I'm too into enjoying music at someone elses expense.

Lil B might just be a total weirdo though and with his talk about animal cruelty maybe hes straight edge?! Or, just a huge nerd/huge Divine Styler fan.