Monday, July 06, 2009


NGUZUNGUZU and Total Freedom - Club Vortex Mix July 2009

Welp, I know its only halfway through the year but hands down this is the best mix to come out of 2009. If you haven't been paying attention to Ghetto House sound artists NGUZUNGUZU you are a damn fool. Here they pair up with Total Freedom for another super weird electro-acoustic party mix that could have as easily been created in a studio with Pierre Schaffer assisting as it could have with laptops and turntables. They kind of out DJ Nate the man himself, and take the Chicago sound across the globe, making up genres as they go along. Live drum machines over vocals over Abelton over CDs over Vinyl over time machine. Even more unrecognizable then their other mixes, where the only sounds you can make out are the Percolator and the Lyn Collins break. One of the most exciting things happening in modern music, in any area.

Even better than the old "Ruff Mix" and I still listen to that almost daily when I'm looking for a ghettostepia fix.

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