Monday, September 07, 2009

Dark Divas

Blackbox - I Don't Know Anybody Else (Kingdom Remix 2009)

I've never really talked about Kingdom on here and that's kind of lame, especially considering he's become one of my favorite producers working today. His UK Garage influence is very audible, but so many other elements shine through whether it be a remix or his own homegrown heat. This sinister sounding version of diva House outfit Blackbox's hit single has been on my mind a lot lately thanks to thehighness (where I also found L-Vis 1990's Screwed and Chopped version of Anaconda).

Last night I was lucky enough to hear The Percolator, Whores in this House, and a big chunk of Slugo and Deeon at the strip joint down the street which reminds me to finish up my Ghetto House primer.

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