Monday, September 28, 2009

Still Strawed

Paille - Week-End Lan Rivé ft Byronn (from Mots Pour Maux 2007)

Paille aka Straw Man got his nickname from being too drunk during Carnival, or as the locals of Martinique would say he got "strawed". I've heard some cool words for inebriation but that has got to be the weirdest one. As far as production goes, this is a bit more what I expected French Caribbean Dancehall to sound like if it was maybe on a more traditional Zouk tip. By that I mean not freaky Trance Riddims like Krys, and not even the almost Coupe Decale sounding stuff. My shitty translations of a few interviews concluded that he's as big a Reggae fan as he is a Kassav fan, so all the Accordions are here a reason. Mots Pour Maux is a pretty fun party vibe album that I've sort of been using as an upper to combat the grimness of Gwadada while I'm strung out on this French stuff.

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