Saturday, September 26, 2009

Whips and Thangs

La Yegros - Trocitos De Madera 2009

If my job was to keep readers up on the new when it's actually new, I would fail. And by that I mean "internet new", so 12 seconds after the recording is made. Fresh material is always fun, but people really need to slow down. That said I have been so psyched on this song and I don't feel lame for being the last one to talk about it. King Coya's computerized dub gets down on all fours and the poor thing is whipped by a Cumbia slave driver. Really, whip cracks are the new gun shots, Argentina's 2009 answer to last years cicada sounds. Less in the ZZK vein of electronics, more in the vein of bodega bootleg MIDI but with war drums. "Professional" villera production with a dark tale about the pleasures of shuffling thighs to complement it. As sonically interesting as it is a main ingredient for sore feet. What I'm trying to say is, the best kind of music.

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