Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chicago 504040404 Europe 1

DJ Chuckie - She's a Hoe Mr Vegas - She's a Hoe

Bubbling Ghetto House?

Oh crap I just lost all my integrity. Not that I ever had much! I can't help it, I've found some surprises by seeing what the words "Cumbia" and "Ghetto House" come up with on Soulseek. This time it happened to be "Bubbling". Unfortunately a lot of these surprises also come wrongly tagged and often I have no idea what they are.

To make up for it, there is some Tear the Club Up moments on this Dirty Dutch Radio mix by Chuckie.


Boima said...

Dave, this is Mr. Vegas, not DJ Chuckie

Dave Quam said...

hahaha! Oops! haha!!!

Found this in a folder with a bunch of DJ Chuckie labeled tracks. I probably should have picked up on it, but there is something weird about the production that tricked me.