Monday, September 07, 2009

The D.C. Arkestra

What Band - Track 4 (from 03-27-09 @ CFE bootleg 2009)

I wish Go Go bands would channel Sun Ra's synth ghost more often. What Band are one of my favorite D.C. crews who's material didn't fall into my lap until the beginning of this summer. This live at CFE bootleg contains some great Gucci joints that are worth hearing, but this untitled jam has the congo beat saying aye through a flanger pedal. Like every band in Washington they emit the BYB rap emulation influence, but I hear a lot of old-school Junkyard Band in these guys too.


Andrew said...

is this recording readily available somewhere? -- i've tried searching the google but have come up unsuccessful -- thanks much -- and great blog, am also enjoying the dj nate stuff u've upped in the past

Dave Quam said...
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Dave Quam said...

I don't like posting whole albums so I just threw up this track for a little taste. might have it for sale at the online shop, as well as where I've bought some stuff from.

I got it from

Andrew said...

ahh -- i feel like an idiot now -- thats the first place i went to look for it and somehow didn't notice it

thanks again

Dave Quam said...

no sweat! thanks for checkin out zeeeee blog! More go go to come, I have miles of it.