Sunday, September 27, 2009

Revolution of Your Ass

An ice cream cart has been playing this in my neighborhood lately, followed by a 20 minute block of MIDI Christmas songs. I was first introduced to the song that started the Lambada craze through the Sun City Girls on Torch of the Mystics. Their version is Llorando drunk around a campfire, a slightly different world than Bolivian pop band Los Kjarkas. My jaw dropped when I first stumbled upon this video because I couldn't believe they were the same song. I imagined it's origin to be bottles of cheap tequila and cowboy hats, not creepy up-skirts and poofy hair. Aware that the Girls version was a cover, I was actually searching. Someone told me it was an old Amerindian song, and with the cover wearing the name The Shining Path I was convinced it was a song about the Communist Party of Peru. Well I was wrong, and since then have acquired about 5 Cumbia versions, a few Merengue ones, and about 20 oddballs. The video that goes along with this famous Andean hit is an essential part of the experience, which is why I didn't throw up an mp3. Absolutely one of my favorite songs ever, which I think is kind of strange.


trading said...

lambada was superscandalous dance.'
i heard it was illegal in PR for being
too lascivious.

Dave Quam said...

Figures, it's pretty sexy

w&w said...


Dave Quam said...

Oh shit, thanks for the link Wayne! I dunno why it took me so long to get around to commenting on this song. It truly is one of my favorites in a sort of "what the fuck" way.