Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ground Wire Blues

DJ Slugo - No Ground Wire (from Like it Raw 12" 1995)

The first Slugo 12" as far as I know, though he did appear vocally on some earlier Dance Mania singles. His debut is really great, and with most Dance Mania stuff floating in the realm of out-of-print and hard-to-find, this Ghetto House ground hum track deserves some attention. Honestly one of the best places to score this kind of stuff is Reckless Records, where the clerks have no clue how to price anything that's not rare 70's rock or indie boners. I've walked out of that place paying $2.99 for Ghetto House singles that Europeans will pay $50 for. Doesn't happen all that often though.

You can buy this track at high quality on Slugo's site, this is a pretty crappy vinyl rip.


NGUZU said...

Skip Rip.
Skip House.
Hum Ha.
Hum Ra.

Dave Quam said...

I wish the whole dance mania catalog got digitized. There is Dance Mania Digital, but the only stuff on it so far are the slugo and deeon classics 12''s. I imagine it will happen someday, atleast stuff like slugo/deeon/milton/funk/chip/gant and the bigger dudes. I'm not gonna post stuff you can buy, and I don't see this old ass 12" being available anytime soon.

I have been digging DJ Flint lately.

Anonymous said...

Which Reckless? I picked up some DM 12 inches at the one on Broadway and the clerk chatted me up about them for a while, got me to buy another one for cheap. They do know their shit. The one downtown was on my way to and from work (dangerous!) -- lots of bootleg acid house reissues, some really nice shit in addition to all the indie. They are really better than they have to be.

There's a lot of politics going on with Dance Mania reissues... DJ Funk supposedly bought the rights to everything, but the original owner decided to fight it or something? I don't remember where I read it, but the article didn't seem hopeful that it would be resolved any time soon...

Dave Quam said...

Oh, i should have mentioned the wicker park one...the one on broadway is the best no doubt. I've found some DM stuff at Gramaphone but they are always expensive, and I've found more at reckless actually.

If you could find that article I'd be psyched. From what I know, when I talked to Slugo it seemed that him and Deeon got the rights from Ray Barney, and other DJs on the label (I'm guessing one of them being Funk) weren't too happy with the rights as they were trying to get their catalogs digitalized and up on itunes/beatport/ect. Understandable really. He mentioned that he wasn't all that concerned with it these days as its a pretty big tangle of rights, and was concentrating on the subsidary labels like Freakmode and Subterranean Playhouse, which are owned by Deeon and Slugo. These guys are pretty strict business men from what I can tell, my friend had to sign a ton of paperwork when he got on one of slugos "respect my grine" mixtapes. But hey, they have been doing this for a long time and a lot of em live off it.

Damn, i never really had much luck at the downtown reckless to be honest, but I never went there much. I think i found a copy of the Belle Album there which was cool though.