Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Portland Screwed

DJ Yo Yo Dieting - Dormant Mirrors/Drum Cassette 2009

It's a know fact that people in Portland Oregon smoke a lot of weed. They also smoke a lot of meth, but that's not the case here. Local Noise dude Glamorous Pat aka Glamburger Patty aka Sisprum Vish combines broken electronics and Stoner-Rap to create screw soundscapes that sound even more fucked up than even the most warn-out Screw tape. Lots of Rap, distortion and delay pedal.

I promise to put up more Portland music soon, there are some weird things going on out there.


wireless darkness said...

this is fucking AWESOME. please recommend me more.

Dave Quam said...

shit, playing dj screw at the same time as some shitty sounding noise tape?