Thursday, October 22, 2009

Power D

Free Power D Compilations (not direct link)

Zouk producer Power D is nice enough to give away a bunch of his productions, including a massive 10 year retrospective the Best of Power D 1998-2008. He's the man responsible for the Ghetto Zouk compilations, but also a lot of French Dancehall and other things in between. Definitely a mixed bag, but there is some nice grimier moments mixed into all the wussy stuff.


Boima said...

Wussy Stuff!?! I love the gyal dem! :)

So does Demarco

Dave Quam said...

Oh shit that Demarco track is dope!

For the record I do dig wussy stuff. Was teasin but I'm usually not into a lot of the Zouk-Love stuff I've heard. I have found some good stuff though but there is some stuff that's just like, too Disney on the production. The Ghetto Zouk comps are some of the better stuff of that kind to me, but I would love to hear better!

Boima said...

I feel ya.