Sunday, October 25, 2009

Skanking All the Way to the Bank

Lamin pointed out the Lee Perry’s ‘Blackboard Jungle: From Dub to Dubstep video the other day, a cool mini documentary on one of the most important records ever. Also the 2nd best Dub album ever after Heart of the Congos which is pretty much #1 in every category for me. I was reminded of a great tale of Perry hustle that I thought I'd share. I couldn't find anything to really back this up online, this is from the back of my copy which is one of those Earmark fancy vinyl versions.

"There were only 200 copies pressed up of which Scratch brought 100 to the UK and these were sold only to those 'in the know' for £20 each [over £200 in today's money] and reflected the cult of exclusivity that Sound Men who ran 'Sounds' were creating."

So this is where it all started really.

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