Friday, October 16, 2009

No Need for New Batteries.

Sonido Martines - Vuela Pajarito Rebajado 2008

I grabbed this from dudes Myspace a long time ago, back when you used to be able to do that. Why did Myspace put the kibosh on that? On a bit of a throwback tip but hey, I love this stuff. Cumbia that sounds like a dying boom box is funny to these ears. I'd say I kind of prefer this to the Choppaholix method of adding the color purple to the equation, for this stuff is just well, wrong. I imagine this is how things sound after a rag soaked in ether. Been craving more of this, anybody who points me in the right direction gets a free beer on me at any Chicago bar.


MikeM said...

Yo, seriously, why did MySpace dead that?? I've seen it work once or twice since the redesign.

I keep meaning to look into to that. Thanks for reminding me.

MikeM said...

BTW, that Sonido RCRDLBL promo remix that's floating around right now? Nasty. As. Ufck.