Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Acres of Jamaica in Decatur

Kollosus ft Milla - Want No More (from Kollosal Activity 2009)

Rap music from Atlanta via Jamaica. Both Kollosus and Milla hail from the Caribbean but grew up in Decatur so their accents sound southern with a Kingston twang. I like how much of each side shines in their music, and I like this Kieth Hudsonesque beat quite a bit. Good for hanging out on couches, not so much for essay material but the semi-resistance to assimilate is interesting none the less.


wayneandwax said...

incidentally, dude begins first verse with "sakpase" -- haitian creole for "whatup" -- interesting!

Dave Quam said...

Milla might be from Haiti infact...but I'm pretty positive Kollosus is from Jamaica.