Thursday, December 03, 2009

Sensi Addicts Only

Vybz Kartel - Weed (Gutter Riddim 2009)

I recently started paying more attention to the Riddims from the other islands in the Caribbean and this one out of Grenada is solid. Something about the down tuned xylophone with the muted dying trumpet sort of suspend things in time, like a snippet of Carnival caught in a tape loop. Vybz vibes pretty well with things, and his performance seems to be over a slightly bolder mix. Bunji Garlin's Mad Carnival is worth hearing too, but we're a few months too early for that.


i'm in shambles? said...

Awesome, this is like the 5th time you've posted something on this site where I was like "whoa, what a coincidence, i've been digging this lately too" so i guess it's not really coincidence, i just dig your taste in music!

Gutter riddim really gets stuck in my head for days on end but makes those days much more hectic. ABX riddim 'chopped and screwed' saves my soul.

Dave Quam said...

ABX riddim chopped and screwed?!

I have a handful of performances over the abx riddim but not chopped and screwed!

where can I find this, or can you send me it?

would be much appreciated!

i'm in shambles? said...

i've just been taping stuff off fire 104.7 and slowing it down with my tape player... so it's not really 'chopped' per se.... you should just slow it down yourself like you did with the cher... and then post it!

i'm in shambles? said...

haha just checked that 'baby it's screw' post again. guess that's not cher. what can i say? i'm in shambles.

you should do more of this stuff though

Dave Quam said...

you were close, they both go by a single name!

I thought you meant there was like, an actual abx riddim screwed with performances on it! that would be crazy. I will have to try that out myself...More screwed joints coming soon for sure.

andykisaragi said...

hey man, thanks for this! i put it on my last mix

cheeeers, andy