Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Little Feet

Johan's recent genre of the week caused me to watch kids dancing on youtube once again. This time around it's kids Jerkin sans skinny jeans to Carioca beats only a teenager could love. Funk Putaria is driven by the same griminess that fuels the other forms of favela funk, but there is something more playful going on especially in the samples and sound palate. I haven't found much of the music by itself to really judge it sonically or separate it from the other genres, but along with it comes a maybe coincidental/maybe not hobby that makes it seem like the kids in Brazil have become enamored by the kids in California. "Passinho" means little feet in reference to Carioca steps and in this case is more living room appropriate than something you should do at a rave. Some of the moves in these videos are basically the same "dip" done to the New Boyz, but done in shorts and tank tops in humid Rio weather. An interesting addition to the phenomenon of worldwide footwork no doubt. Take note of the various Capoeira nods as well, or at least less confrontational ones.

Question: Why are these videos labeled Passinho FODA?


Birdseed said...

"Fuckstep", I like it! ;)

I'm amazed at the popularity of some of these videos btw. One of them has 2,5 million views!?

Dave Quam said...

you think so? I hope that's what it means!!

NarcoIris said...

yes, in rio foda means fucked, but usually in a good way.... also their jerking moves actually come from imitations of frevo (a dance from pernambuco in the northeast). but, it would be interesting if they were also watching jerking videos too!

Dave Quam said...

thanks for the information!