Thursday, December 03, 2009


Karizma - Neccessarry Maddness (from Mind of It's Own vol 2 2009)

I've slept hard on Karizma, and it's a shame because his absence in my life has attributed to my grumpiness towards Baltimore House music in 2009. Which is to say, a general boredom with hearing too many lazy remixes and not enough fresh material to peak my interest. Karizma produced one of the weirdest early Bmore singles (Blow the Whistle) that I've always held close, but I was unaware of his recent productivity until a few months ago. His music goes along way and in this particular instance I'm excited to hear the Sing Sing Break used in a techy manner. This one cuts like a Disco Edit on the grown side of things, a definite floor mover that won't spill your drink.

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Bowly / Shreyvarey said...

This track makes it in almost every of my mixes! So good!