Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Country Rap Still Not Kosher

Fuck this rap is dead shit. From the Juicy J and Project Pat Cut Throat mixtape, which is good.


rrrr said...

not fucking kosher. don't like slim without the braids but that verse was yikes... not yikes like lyrical... yikes like "wow you're talking about signing up dudes' gfs' then beating them if they don't deliver the paper".. bipolar wage earner

Dave Quam said...

the Kosher comment was about all the ham talk in rap music

shit man, you should stay away from Suga Free, "Bitch go get me something to beat you with"

I like this song's hook, the fact that it's called "Ike Turner Pimpin", and the fact that Juicy J is still amazing and has been awesome this year

kime_ said...

that Simon Reynolds article is so embarrassing. damn.


What Kime_ said.