Thursday, December 24, 2009

Juy to the World

Grupo Ju-Juy - Track 2 (from Gigantes De La Cumbia Sonidera 2009)

These guys always have the best synths. Very nasally sounding at times, even though I don't think that is a word you can use to describe electronic instruments. This is from a split CD with Los Deakino that I picked up a block from my house, though most of the Sonidera releases in shops around here come from NYC. I wish I had some local product for you all, but the Cumbia played live in Chicago is usually by a side-tracking Duranguense band.

This song has a name but my CD is in the Midwest while I am on the West Coast, sorry.

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DJ /rupture said...

totally right re Ju-Juy's synths!