Tuesday, December 15, 2009

There Ain't No Such Thing as Baltimore House

Tyler Wilcox - Get Your Life! (Soundcloud Link)

Tyler sent over this great mix of early Baltimore 12"s in an email titled "There Ain't No Such Thing as Baltimore House". I definitely agree that what came out of Baltimore especially in the early days was a totally different sound than Chicago, but the title was meant as a correction to my mis-labeling of things, namely that I usually say "Baltimore House" when referring to such. It's not House music, but it's definitely club music, and this is a mistake that I don't imagine many people from Baltimore make. I hear other outsiders make the same error all the time, but there is an easy way to correct your mistakes. Just think of where you would most likely hear the music. In Chicago there is still a big underground wareHOUSE party scene, and we don't like ketchup on our hot dogs. In Baltimore the music started at the CLUB and they eat crab chips. It's as simple as that.

This mix is a real good collection of Baltimore Club music in it's early days, with lots of Big Tony vocals and Frank Ski productions. A lot of scratchy 12 inch dubs that tell the story of pre-internet underground tape swapping and pre-Baltimore remix. Words from the creator: "Growing up in Baltimore, the first underground music I heard were club tapes traded at school. Here is a mix of underground club 12"s I remember from the 90's. Many of my copies came from djs of that era so they're kinda crunchy, enjoy!!"

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