Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Favela Funkin' With Another Drum

DJ Battery Brain - 808 Volt Mix (Beatapella Mix) (from 8 Volt Mix 12" 1998)

I don't feel like I've given enough love to Brazil so here's a bonus to all the Passinho below. Just like some of the dance moves from the kids in Rio, this record isn't from South America ether. This instrumental version of 808 Volt Mix was a seminal record in the creation of Funk Carioca, that luckily fell into the hands of of the early pioneers. Obviously the music stems from Miami Bass, but for some reason the most commonly used drum loop was from this track before the Tamborzão rhythms became a staple. How it became the Amen Break of Favela Funk? I haven't a clue other than it being of similar taste to stuff like Bass Rock Express, with doper drums. It would make a lot of sense if DJ Battery Brain aka Mark Rodgers was from Miami (which could be possible), but Techno Hop Records was a Los Angeles based label dedicated to local talent like King Tee and Compton's Most Wanted. With little info out there I'd bet like the rest of the roster he's from California.

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