Saturday, March 06, 2010

Botswana On Youtube

The videos this guy from Botswana has uploaded on Youtube (over 100 of them) must be seen. A huge collection of great homemade videos for lack of a better work a vlog of daily life in Botswana told through music. Mind-blowing guitar music, children marimba bands, hauntingly beautiful mbira solo performances. Dig deep, I've already sunk hours of time into watching them on repeat. I promise the mbira will become as frequent on this website as accordions.

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Bowly / Shreyvarey said...

hey dave i had beene sent that a friend said i should sent you a mix last year, dub sept from mtl, and I realized i should have given you the second edition dub huit which I made immediately after, so here it is:

Maybe if you liked the first one you'll like the second. let me know if you want to put it on your blog.