Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yall Ain't Got No Basics

You won't learn how to make demonic loop music pulled from shitty TV pop, but this video gives you the idea of basics, the fundamentals of footwork. Dude is apologetic about the dog barking the whole time too. So start working on your Mike & Ikes and Tom & Jerrys.


Birdseed said...

I've just started going to dance classes and this is the sort of thing they should be teaching, instead of stupid, rhythmically unmatched "choreographies". My ideal dance class would pick up current dance trends at any one time and teach the basics of each one... I'm sure you can gain similar knowledge of Jerking, Logobi, Flogging, whatever by watching YouTube clips, after all that's how many of these kids learn, right?

Dave Quam said...

Yep, all on youtube outside of the neighborhood. It's great.

I'm compiling a post about the 10 or so different kinds of juke dances that aren't in Chicago and are different.