Tuesday, March 30, 2010


DJ Killa E - Track 6

Melodramatic dreamy footwork at its best, almost shoegaze romanticism. Reflections of high school daze and even a bit of a downer. Not so danceable, this is some loner shit.

As I mentioned on Twitter after a few beers, I have hundreds of footwork tracks that I've found throughout the last year or so rummaging through weird websites and ripping iMeem and Youtube videos, as well as some mixtapes. I'd like to share them, for that's the reason I started this blog in the first place. Communication and taking advantage of technology when used right creates good musical dialog. Living in the same city as these kids gives you the chance to see kids on the streets and at showcases busting moves, but age barriers and neighborhood squabbles can prevent contact. These kids are less interested in being part of some "study" and more interested at this point of their lives in being broadcast on local radio, making some money, and well, dancing. You can watch Walacam videos and see how obvious it is that they don't need blogs to promote themselves, they have the media in their own hands. Not to say I haven't been trying, and have been a bit more successful lately now that the kids are getting older and have moved on from Myspace to Facebook. An underground that still exists with the internet that still remains fully physical.


Andrew said...

perfect -- i've played this track at least ten times since dling it

Dave Quam said...

Are you depressed?

Be careful, extended listens could cause suicidal thoughts or just make you remember high school.

Andrew said...

haha -- yeaa, well i guess it goes perfectly with the shit weather we've been having in massachusetts this week

GIRL UNIT said...

wowwww, absolutely beautiful!