Monday, March 15, 2010

No Cocaine

Hard to believe this thing is 25 years old now. I think I remember having trouble breathing when I first heard it. Made me less afraid to dive into Dancehall at the time when I swore by The Heart of the Congos. I still do swear by that record (it's basically my favorite of all time, or something) but I also swear by Smith and Jammy trying to remake an Eddie Cochran song on a Casio. They failed pretty miserably at that, but I'm grateful for them paving the way for digital riddims a quarter of a century later. Happy birthday Sleng Teng Riddim.

(FYI the exact date that this tune was first dropped was February 23rd 1985 by Jammy at a soundclash on Waltham Park Road in Kingston. I just felt like giving it some love no matter how late I might be.)

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