Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Come To Me

Lorna - Papito Ven A Mi ( DJ Da Dream Bubbling Rmx )

My choice of picture might not be so empowering to women, but I'd rather leave that discussion up to other people better at talking about such. I just think this track bangs, which is more my area. Those ravey Bubbling House synths work just as well with Dem Bow as they do Bam Bam it seems. Reggaeton remixes are anything but rare but this one is very successful.


Birdseed said...

The presence of women is in itself more empowering than their absense, which is the case in a lot of these scenes. Reggaeton is relatively okay in that sense, while Dancehall is absolutely brimming with women at the moment, picked up loads of tracks for int'l women's day. Jerk, too, has lots of female precence.

Dave Quam said...

Yeah, your right. Girls in Dancehall and Jerkin are kinda ruling right now. Also, Ce'cile is my dream woman.

I wasn't being totally serious, just a nod to how little I like to talk politics on this blog. I'd rather leave certain issues up to other people. If it was a Chicago or Portland issue though I'll talk about it.