Monday, March 15, 2010

The Missing Link To The Missing Genre

DJ Deeon - Much Respect (from Funk City 12" 1994)

Deeon made a straight up Reggaeton beat on this really early 12" and I'm curious if the title is actually a nod to the Puerto Ricans on the north side of town. I don't imagine he got many requests for anything Dem Bow related back in the day, so I'm even more puzzled why this exists. It wouldn't captivate House fans and it wouldn't make it on Latin radio ether, so why the hell did he make it? I don't think we will ever find out, but it's nice to know that there is a precursor to the Violator Juke Squad presence at the Humboldt Park festival. Now I only wish that there was a more prevalent meeting between the two genres that resulted in something interesting, because I've sorta played this song out.


wayneandwax said...

wow, this is wild! so skeletal! the crazy thing is that this basically predates PR's reformation of the dembow, much as it sounds like a dead ringer. So my guess is that Deeon is gesturing to dancehall reggae more than anything else.

MOAR 808 ghettodembow!

Dave Quam said...

Yeah I figured it was more a nod to dancehall, looking at the date it was made and all. I can't say I've found anything this out of place on any ghetto house record.

If I find more I will be sure to post it!