Monday, March 08, 2010

Normal Nada

Normal Nada - Bumbulunhs Vs Kizomba Vs Funana (from Batidas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada 2 2008)
Normal Nada - Excel Funa (Funana de Boca) (from Funanas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada 2008)
Normal Nada - Funana XXX (from Funanas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada 2008)

The "normal" part of this wunderproducers name is a bit misleading when you compare his work side by side with most modern African dance music. I mean the guy can get away with making Funana without Accordions, uses pitch control not-unlike that of Chicago footworkers, and I think makes up his own genres. Normal Nada was brought to my attention by his collaborations with Duda, and it was a real treat to find out that not only is he a successful pop producer, but also sort of a total weirdo. The best combination, like a really far out DJ Nays. And what's even better is that he has TONS of free tracks and mixtapes of his own on his site, where he seems to bootleg porn as well. A true renaissance man by all means.


Anonymous said...

Kakaka, its seams to me an Normal guy, he play, he has diferent style, and still...he is him

Anonymous said...

damn, he really make Normal Nada - Excel Funa...with is mout and some kicks...with is mout and voice...damn